Anonymous: "(...) she finds out that her real father is Adam, she can't stay with this surname... I saw the concert in Malaysia, she was flawless (she's flawless), and her voice. I don't know much about this but during the lotus era her vocals weren't that good and she was getting better, but now looks like the B2B vocals it was amazing. Hope you're doing fine C XoXo Alice <33"

True, some say it was due to a lot of drinking and emotional stress… I think that’s what it was, some notes were actually painful to hear. Glad her voice is on point now, I was definetely reminded of the stripped tour listening to her rendition of “The Voice Within” on that concert. Indeed, flawless. I am good, thanks! How about you, bb? Much love <3

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Anonymous: "Hii C!! I've been gone for some time, but once you told me not to disappear, so here I am ahaha. OMG, so many things happened... I saw X will be at Wango Tango and maybe at Push Ball America, I'm praying for a MLJ performance🙏. Can you imagine Adam with X pregnant, he would be all protective and his hand on her belly 😭, I'd cry so much... I can't believe it's a girl, it will be a princess, she NEEDS to put Aguilera in the baby's name, Rutler is a awful and until she finds out that +"

Oh, I’ve been so lazy and you message was so long but keep writing I love reading! Haha I just took a looong time to answer, I’m sorry A! YES I agree with every single line (girl seriously, it’s kinda scary lol) and so many more things are about to happen EVITA for crying out loud, this is amazing aaaah I’m so so happy for her! I hope they perform together as well and I want Adam and Christina to take a pic how cute would that be with her baby bump showing *.* Agreed, he would be a protective bear around her, completely adorable! Her girl is going to be the most beautiful girl in the whole world… and imagine how talented too! I can’t wait, she is already like family haha tell me about it! Rutler is such a basic name considering how Max is called Bratman… She needs a rich jewish name too! HELLO do something, Levine ;)

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Anonymous: "What do you mean The Voice has lost its credibility? What happened? What's about Shakira? I'm sorry I'm not in the US, it hasn't been aired here yet >_<"

Oh, me neither I was watching the live stream. But she lip synched on THE VOICE! I can’t believe how hypocritical it is…

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So the voice lost all its remaining credibility… Tonight’s playback was a scandal for the show, not unusual for Shakira though. It’s like having Britney Spears being a coach of The Voice.  

Because Christina is the one I try new things with… 

If you haven’t yet you should check my vid because it’s cute and because I need views, so yeah… Haha I want this to get to Christina somehow, ideas are welcome!


@ChristinaGrimmie: Because my coach is the best coach.

Love her. 




*i don’t know who owns this gif it’s not mine*


I’m pretty sure these are my GIFs, by the way.

People, what’s the point of reposting something you know it’s not yours? There is a search you just type “britney + adam levine” I’m pretty sure it would appear and then reblog.

Here is the original pic for those who got confused by the fake belly. Not yet.


It’s the shirt; the bump isn’t that big in all the other pictures.

This is photoshop.

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