Here is the original pic for those who got confused by the fake belly. Not yet.


It’s the shirt; the bump isn’t that big in all the other pictures.

This is photoshop.

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Anonymous: "I get this weird feeling Adam doesn't feel comfortable wirh the Shevine ship. I think he likes AdamTina better."


Why would he feel uncomfortable with the ship? Because Blake’s married? That doesn’t stop him from being all over Blake all the fucking time nor does it stop him from spending the majority of his free time with Blake. In Tish. Without Behati. Heh.

Nobody ships Shevine harder than Adam Levine, anon.

AdamTina? Nope! Bwahaha! He doesn’t even like Christina. They were dueling divas from the jump with their rivalry reaching its heated apex at the end of season two (“99 Problems” anyone?). When the show returned for season three, the two had kissed and made up and were being oh so cordial to one another. I wonder what Christina had/has on Adam to make him settle down and play nice. Heh.

Lmao how pathetic


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Anonymous: "Hi! :) You're REALLY great at making videos (Adamtina videos) so can you make an Adamtina video with the song True Love by Pink?"

Thank you so much, babe! I’m on it ;)

here you can check my previous video

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day 25 - favorite christina fashion statement or costume

"Dirrty" Pants

A Love/Hate Relationship

To Anna.

They were getting closer and closer within every phrase screamed at each other. Her crimson angelic lips articulating bad words practically begged him to be kissed. His fixed stare would’ve looked creepy to anyone who wasn’t as consumed with winning as they were, but neither of them had time to overthink it until his mouth came aggressively crushing down her own. He closed his eyes and assumed she was enjoying it, what did work for those ten seconds before her hands punched him - with such strength he stopped to mutter ‘ouch’, may I add. It was like Adam was out of a hypnotic state, his shocked expression matching the confusion in her eyes. He opened his mouth again, this time to explain himself but words just couldn’t seem to get out. Her head moved slightly forward while he gulped quickly realizing there was no moment in the near future he would be able to clarify what had just happened.

“I kissed you.” Despite the wrinkled forehead it wasn’t a question. “I… kissed You. I –“

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Adamtina Moments (68/∞)

Blind Auditions (Season 3, Episode 8)

lmao I remember how happy he was, it was so cute he didn’t expect it at all…

"Christina Aguilera, pregnant…"  (x)

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