why cant every guy be like this

If every guy was also about to marry a Victoria’s Secret model I’m sure they would be

Except he wasn’t talking about his now wife, actually, he was talking about Christina Aguilera. And he makes countless comments like that about her.


Basically, what happened during the whole 3rd season of the Voice.

Judgment systems where creativity is concerned, cannot truly define what’s actually good or bad or better than something or someone else. It can be fun and entertaining at times, but everyone has their own identity and reason to be heard. It’s good for people to have opinions and a stance on art. Everyone’s story and intention is different. But you can’t let someone else’s interpretation of it define who you are and how you feel about it. Or break your spirit if it’s not heard or understood at the exact moment you want it to be.”

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September: At a back-to-school picnic in Santa Monica with Max, Jordan, & his mom

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They hate-flirt on The Voice, but on this playful Mick tribute, Aguilera and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine have the chemistry of a real-life couple — one that loves to argue about who’s got more swagger. Aided by a whistling hook and a driving disco melody, Levine knows just how to woo his duet partner with pickup lines like ”Kiss me till you’re drunk.” —Entertainment Weekly. (via adamtinachemistry)

"As a mother, I urge you to do what you can to help someone you’ll likely never meet. Please help me #PasstheRedCup and move people from hunger to hope.” (Christina Aguilera)


Gwen talks advice she received from Christina on taking on the Voice from Access Hollywood July 14th, 2014

If any of you follow my main blog you’ll know Gwen is just as much of an influence on my life as Christina is, that they communicate is so amazing for me and that Christina was so lovely to Gwen about taking the job warms my heart so much!! I hope Christina makes a guest appearance on the Voice this season.

Xtina + Dictionary



Rock in Rio is one of music’s biggest festivals in the world and, next year, it will take place in both Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro cities. There will be two editions, one in May and the other one in September, so don’t worry it’s not like we wanna rush things up when the baby is newly born….

Random favourite Xtina’s moments] Part 28/28

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